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Machining Math and Reference Tool

Perfect for machinists in small to mid-sized machine shops who want to increase productivity and profits in the design, layout and set-up stages of production. Reduce wear and tear on costly cutting tools.

The Machinist Calc is the first dedicated handheld machining math and reference tool to provide the most needed machine shop solutions. Get fast, precise solutions for your every day machining calculations built into a rugged and cost-effective handheld calculator.

Spend more time machining and less time looking up specs and data in books, on charts or in computer programs.

Built-in Functions and Calculations:

  • Speeds and Feeds
  • Bolt Pattern Hole Layouts
  • U.S. and Metric Internal and External Thread Class charts
  • Work in and convert between U.S. and Metric units
For efficiency-minded Machinists, Setters, Tool and Die Makers