Model #9130


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  • Accepts common time measurements with multiple entry formats --
    use Decimal Hours, Minutes or Seconds; Hour:Minutes:Seconds (H:M:S); or H:M:S Auto-Entry format

  • Versatile conversion capability between measurements.
    (i.e., H:M:S to decimal hours)

  • Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies and Divides in all Time Formats.

  • AM/PM or 24-Hours (Military) Time Formats.

  • Easy-to-Use Begin, End and Duration keys
    for instant timecard/payroll math or other time applications

  • Includes Built-in Stop Watch/Timer
    with Count Down/Count Up, Split/Lap function and optional "Buzzer"

  • Built-in Preferences key
    for establishing various calculator settings

  • Paperless Tape function
    for storage and review of up to 12 data entries -- even works with the built-in Timer

  • 10 Storage Memories
  • Rate key instantly determines time-based costs
  • Works as a Standard Math Calculator
    with +/-,%
  • Includes Armadillo Gear™ protective Hard Case.